Questions & Answers

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Do you provide service to Lake Minnetonka?

Yes!  More than that, we offer dockside and door to door service for all boats, pwc, Jet Ski’s, Pantoon’s, Jet Boats, and large boats on Lake Minnetonka. The benefit of going with a marina that is not on the lake is not only price, but service and attention that our professionals can provide to you.  You will often find out team on our personal boats on the weekends in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

What size boats can you tow or transport?

Virtually any size.  We have trailers and semi’s set up to pull boats up to 50″ long. Rob, the owner of RSI owns and transports boats this size all the time.  We take the time to do it right, knowing how to manage, drive, and work with boats this size is our specialty.

Where is the best place to get LED lights and a stereo for my boat?

Not to brag, but RSI Marine and Motorsports has expert level certified technicians that know how to do it right! Taking the time to run, manage, and install electronics and electrical components into your boat is what we do to ensure the highest quality and performance for everything we install.  From small systems to fully integrated electronics lights, gauges, and everything in between.

Where can I repair a crack in my fiberglass boat or Jet Ski?

We have a full body shop for repairing cracked or broken fiberglass on the hulls of boats, Jet Ski’s, and any fiberglass structure.  We not only can restore an repair the crack, but we also provide cleaning and services to get you back on the water faster with the confidence that the services that were provided to you are quality and long lasting solutions.

Do you provide mobile boat repair services? What if I am broken down on the lake?

We do have a full mobile service vehicle for just this case. We remove the inconvenience of having to pull your watercraft out for repair, by coming to you. Our tool stocked van and highly skilled and professional mechanics can have your watercraft back in service or maintained before the weekend comes around. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how valuable Minnesota weekends are.  You shouldn’t have to spend yours doing work and waiting for service. (we get it!)

Why should I choose RSI for winter boat storage?

The frugal side of me wants to say that you should choose RSI Marine and Motorsports based on the price. (the cheapest in town, that we know of). But, its not about price.  Its about the personal care, maintenance and security of knowing that your boat will be in tip top shape in the springtime. Knowing that you have a guy that stands behind his companies craftsmanship, quality, and service. The convenience of pick up and drop off services, the professional work that you can have done over the winter, cleaning, interior, and performance parts. Most of all, you should select RSI Marine to store your boat based on a fair price for a service that is sure to exceed your expectations and remove the worries, stress or work that comes with winterizing marine equipment.

What about boat interiors, I need to fix a few seats in my boat that have small tears.

We have you covered! RSI Marine and Motorsports does not use “end to end” solutions or complete marine and motorsports service as a marketing ploy.  We actually can do it all, and not “kind of well”, our team is amazing at interior, exterior, re-do’s, replacements, upgrades, and even fully custom interior installations of upgraded materials.  The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each boat will entice you, but the durability and repair will blow you away. Give us a call and request a free quote.