Are you looking for Gel Coat Repair Restoration?

We offer complete professional gel coat repair restoration services for Boat’s and Jet Ski’s alike.

Gel coat repair restoration services are a great alternative to some costly paint options or fiberglass replacement, you may have small scratches in your boats fiberglass or even gouges and dents. As a complete watercraft body shop, we have the tools and the expertise to get your boat back to as close to brand new condition as you can get!

Gel Coat repair often times takes a combination of buffing, sanding, and polishing due to the unevenness of your boat or jet ski shell. Once the boat is fully prepped, we use high grade compound to re-apply and re-juvinate your watercrafts gel coating.  Which has some huge advantages other than just being bright and shiny!

Your Gel Coat is a protective layer to the surface of your boats hull and underside. Think of it like an elite buffing job for your boat, which will protect it from the sun and water elements you may encounter while enjoying your boat this summer!