We know we can exceed your expectations for winter boat storage

We know we can exceed your expectations for winter boat storage. Let us prove it to you with a 2 minute winter boat storage test.

Storing your boat may not be what your thinking about right now, just getting your boat in the water, making sure the docks in place or finding the perfect boat launch on Lake Minnetonka for all of your summer adventures.  We here at RSI Marine and Motorsports we are already planning the upcoming winter storage schedule. Making sure all of our customers are taken care of and removing all of the fuss, worry, or annoying tasks from storing and pulling your boat or watercraft from storage. We wanted to put together some of our research data and help you make a better decision on where and how you store your boat.


  1. Make it easy. Not all boat storage companies make it easy to store a boat in Minnesota. We offer dockside pick up (even while your at work) we will come by, pick up your boat for you. Our professional transportation services can haul any size boat from 5 to 50 feet. We not only take care of the dockside pick up but we take special care of your gear and equipment. Never leaving piles of ropes un secured on your lawn or unsightly messes around your boat. We’re in and out like boat ninjas, with customer ease and enjoyment at the forefront of everything we do.
  2. Winter Services.  Sure any boat company will offer winter and spring tune ups, but at RSI Marine we offer full service options that go above and beyond the standard services offered. For example our acid washing and under boat cleaning services; we actually take your boat off of the trailer, where others may leave it on. Because as boat enthusiasts we understand that you actually want the entire boat cleaned, not just the parts you can see when its on the trailer.
  3. Professional.  As a family owned and operated business, RSI Marine ownership and senior leadership is involved in everything from picking up your boat to ensuring that the highest quality of care and maintenance is performed on it.  We are the highest recommended peer to peer boat service company in the Midwest.  Check out our reviews, ask around and you are sure to find a satisfied RTI customer willing to tell you about the exceptional level of service that we offer to our customers.
  4. Secure.  Security matters, its your boat. You have invested time and money into it, and there is nothing worse than a unsecured break in or violation of your boat and boating equipment. We go above and beyond, knowing that no one place can be as secure as fort knox, we do however engage security consultants, para military threat assessments and  invest in surveillance equipment and physical patrols to ensure that mitigate dramatically the risk of boat theft or damage while your boat is in storage. It may seem obsessive or compulsive our care in your boats safety, but we get it.  We too store our boats alongside of yours. We never want to let anything adverse happen to it!
  5. Cost. This may be a secondary factor for you when it comes to “only the best” for your boat. But when you can get the best service, maintenance, storage, and transportation without any hassles and the commitment of a full team behind it. Then mix in better pricing than any other boat storage company in Minnesota. You have a recipe for awesome. That’s what we strive for. Mind blowing, worry reducing, ease of use and a fair price with exceeded expectations.  That’s just who we are and we’re excited to show you!

Check it out for yourself, ask around and fill out a quick quote request to let us show you why you need to switch your boat storage services today in Minnesota. From Lake Minnetonka to Prior Lake and every amazing lake in-between. RSI Marine and Motorsports has you covered!