Minnesota Boat Storage

Store your boat Winterize and Store you Boat for the winter

Storing your boat properly will extend the lifetime value of your boat, save you space at home in the garage and ensure that you are ready for next years season earlier.

We offer boat winterization, storage, and spring run up services to make sure you never skip a beat or a great weekend on the water. However, if you would like to DIY boat storage this year. Here are a few tips:

Keep it dry. It seems like an easy step in the process, but you would be surprised how many boat covers leak in the driveway giving moisture a direct route to the interior of your boat.  When that water slips and slides down the cracks of your accessories panels, and into the engine compartment you may find a unpleasant surprise in the spring after that water has expanded and contracted over and over.

If you would like, we can provide winterization services and plastic wrap your boat to seal it from the elements. Save the time and the money and have it done by the professionals. But, don’t be afraid to call us if you have any questions about getting ready for this years boat storage. We would rather help you get it right if you are going to do it yourself, than have it in the shop in the spring fixing avoidable damage to your boats motor from improper winter boat storage.