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Top 5 types of boat storage available in Minnesota Researching boat storage options? Here are the top 5 types of boat storage available in Minnesota

Top 5 types of boat storage available in Minnesota

Are you looking for somewhere to keep your boat over the winter? Or even a place to store your boat in-between weekend trips in the summer?

Either way, we understand that you expect the best for your boat and boat storage services, after all… it’s your boat. We get it! As boat enthusiasts ourselves we want to make sure that you have all of the information when selecting how or where to store your boat, Jet Ski’s, and trailers.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor boat and trailer storage, high-and-dry boat storage or a traditional watercraft storage parking. From yachts, pontoon boats, to fishing boats and row boats. We not only can store it, we can do it better than anyone else. So let’s first talk about boat storage and boat storage options you have to choose from. Here are the Top 5 common types of boat storage available in Minnesota.

  1. At home boat storage:  There are two obvious options for storing your boat this winter or if you’re not using it for a long time. Do it yourself, or store your boat at home is an option, it has some benefits but more downfalls than upsides. First space. No matter how large your garage is, you probably do not want to be crawling all over you boat or around it to get to stuff in your garage, and its winter in Minnesota. The kids may start to build forts in your boat..(you know how that story ends.)  So you say “I will store it outside”. Great option, but what do the neighbors think? Even if you don’t care, it’s good to think about the benefits of having this done for you. Services that can be provided at a professional marina or boat repair shop.  Yet, it is still an option.
  2. Outdoor boat storage:  When you store your boat with RSI Marine & Motorsports outdoor boat storage options. You can trust that your boat is being taken care of from every detail, wrapped tightly, secured and monitored and maintained throughout the winter. Storing your boat with us includes boat trailer storage and offers a host of over the winter boat repair, or services that are performed over the off season. Giving you more time to enjoy your boat in the summer time.  As a full service boat storage facility in Shakopee, Minnesota we offer services that range from interior restoration, fiberglass repair or Gel Coat repair and reconditioning. Motor repair and replacement and every other detail you could need done while its cold outside.
  3. Indoor boat storage:  This may be enticing to store your boat indoors which does have its advantages, however there are some unique challenges associated with indoor boat storage in Minnesota. Storing it in a non Boat Storage related indoor storage facility may open your boat up to some winter time pests that are also looking for a place to live over the winter. Often times indoor boat storage facilities offer only that; Boat Storage.  Leaving you to have to do maintenance, tune ups and spring cleanings yourself.  Which is great if you would like to handle those logistics.  If not, give us a call to talk about your goals, save you time and save you money.
  4. Stacked Boat Storage: This really is just what it sounds like.  Some indoor boat storage facilities and some outdoor boat facilities stack your boat in a rack like system to maximize the space that’s available with that storage option.  Although, this option often times will not hurt your boat, you need to think about spring time again. In Minnesota when the weather gets nice, we want our boats. (that day, or that weekend) in Minnesota, you may be in a crowd of people waiting to get their boats at the same time. One by one, it can be a slow process that can cause you a bit of headache.
  5. Jet Ski and Trailer Storage: Much like a boat or any other type of watercraft, Jet Ski storage options are available with all of the above options. There are some things to think about when you are selecting a place to store your Jet Skis.  Most people would be tempted to store them in the garage over the winter, in the third stall. All too often after the first couple of snow falls people give us a call to pick them up and get the stored. Between the snowblower and trying to get all of the cars into the garage while storing things like patio furniture, and outdoor household gear. The space tends to get tight, even in some of the larger garages we’ve seen. Winterizing a Jet Ski can take some skill, making sure that your personal watercraft makes it safely through the winter and turns back on in the spring time without the headaches of clogged carbs, impeller issues, or cracked fiberglass shells. We offer Jet Ski winter storage pickup services, with or without a trailer we can haul it to our secure shop, maintain it over the winter and get you back on the lake as soon as the ice is out!

Do you have any more questions about which of the Top 5 common types of boat storage available in Minnesota are?  Give us a call, honestly we just want to help you make the most informed decision about which boat storage option is going to work best for you and your situation.